Guitar Lesson Comedy

jason_leeRemember life before the internet? Remember going into music stores and trying to memorise pages from tuition books because you couldn’t afford to buy them? More recently I have spent a great deal of time trawling YouTube and the web trying to answer this question; is it possible to learn advanced guitar online for free? Apart from having to repeatedly endure ads for products like ‘Yousician’ I’ve found this quest to be largely very rewarding and have managed to improve my playing no end.

Of course the quality of the material tends to vary but there is undoubtedly a wealth of brilliant resources online which, if well chosen can help anyone progress. The Guitar Cosmos Facebook Page features videos and web resources which I have personally tried out and recommend in a range of styles and levels. Hopefully aspiring guitarists will find this record useful.

As well as finding a great many useful resources I’ve also found a few that I’ve found a bit amusing. Here’s a small selection:

  1. Old Country Guitar Solo | 48 Simply Fantastic Country Guitar LicksDoug Seven presents some great country guitar tutorials but he seems to have been in something of an enhanced state of mind for this one:
  2. Guitar Lesson Learn how to play fun Spaghetti Western alternative surf electric guitar riffs‘ by rockongoodpeople. This guy makes the list for his hair alone…
  3. Joe Diorio F Blues‘ Joe is undoubtedly a brilliant player and teacher but I found his body language in this clip a bit odd!
  4. Mastering the iim7b5-V7b9 by Les Wise‘ Les Wise is also a great guitarist and teacher but again, I couldn’t help but find his expressions in this clip just a bit amusing. I’m told I tend to pull faces like this when playing…

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