Bebop Modes

Barney KessellNotation of scales is a worthwhile exercise; it improves your familiarity and understanding of scale structures. The Bebop major mode has both a flat 7 and a natural 7 (minor and major 7) While writing out the modes of the other Bebop modes you’ll realise that every mode has a major and minor 7th.

The modes of the Bebop major scale are exactly the same as regular modes: Ionian, Dorian, Phrygian, Lydian, Mixolydian, Aeolian, Locrian with an extra chromatic note a semi tone below the root.

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Bebop modes, key of C

C Ionian Bebop scale with tabs
C Ionian Bebop – C Major 7 chord








D Dorian Bebop scale with tabs
D Dorian Bebop – D minor 7 chord







E Phrygian Bebop scale with tabs
E Phyrgian Bebop – E minor 7 chord






F Lydian Bebop scale with tabs
F Lydian Bebop – F Major 7 chord






G Mixolydian Bebop scale with tabs
G Mixolydian Bebop – G7 chord






A Aeolian Bebop scale with tabs
A Aeolian Bebop – A minor 7 chord






B Locrian Bebop scale with tabs
B Locrian Bebop scale – B minor 7 b5 chord
C Ionian Bebop scale with guitar tabs
C Ionian Bebop – C Major 7 chord (up the octave)


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